The Ingram Planetarium

The stars shine brighter at Ingram Planetarium (5 minutes from Ocean Isle) with the recent installation of the world’s third SciDome HD Digital projection system.

Relax in the Sky Theater’s seats as you zoom through space to Jupiter and look back toward Earth.

After the Planetarium staff point out the constellations and planets on the Sky Theater dome, locate them on your evening beachwalk. Ingram Planetarium has great star shows, laser music shows, and programs about astronomy, science, and space exploration.

Programs and schedules change seasonally. The SciDome HD Digital Sky Theater simulates a perfectly dark, starry night and it is unsafe to move around during the shows. Late arrivals are not admitted to the theater. Groups should call for reservations and instructions.

During the busy summer season The Planetarium offers fun family activities on various topics.

What visitors have enjoyed in the past included:
Assembling space shuttle replicas
Building & launching rockets
Lessons on Solar Energy
Putting together a Rainbow Maker
Making a real Comet
Lesson with Solar Furnace
Using our Solar Telescope
Shadow Drawings

In the Paul Dennis Science Hall they offer projects to challenge children of all ages as well:

Building solar cars was a favorite last summer

Located at:
The Village at Sunset Beach
7625 High Market Street
Sunset Beach, NC 28468